I M P R E S S I O N S 

Footprints, 2019 


Matterhorn – Tribute To Gerry Hofstetter, 2020

This artwork stands at its own in my alpine series. It is a tribute to the artist Gerry Hofstetter whose light illumination of the Matterhorn (24th March 2020 – 26th April 2020) has given HOPE to Zermatt, Switzerland and the world throughout the corona crises 2020. 
Find more information on Zermatt.ch.



Works in Progress 2019/2020 – studio impressions

„For most artists, hitting a dry spell in their artmaking would be a serious blow; for a few it would amount to annihilation. Some artists identify so closely with their own work that were they to cease producing, they fear they would be nothing – that they would cease existing.“