Artist – Dreamer – Believer – Earthling 


„A colourfulminded artist living her dreamlife at the beach with her puppy Sofia, inspired by the magic of nature and by beautiful souls.“

–  Hanna Mare
Why Hanna has a passion for painting.

Hanna loves to get inspired and she loves to inspire other. With art she has found a very unique way to express herself. She completely loses her mind while she creates, she’s in her own colourful bubble. When Hanna paints, she sees the world different, like how it actually should be… untouched nature, filled with wonders and she wants to share this magic.

Through her art Hanna wants to communicate that we have the power to change the world for the better. 

Hannas story.

Hanna lives a free-spirited life at the beach of Wassersleben, on the border of Germany and Denmark. She’s a dreamer, an adapter of the bohemian lifestyle, wild at heart and a believer in truth, freedom and love. 

In summer she starts every morning with a swim in the ocean, she does yoga or she meditates some time in the afternoon. You find her in the studio all day in winter. 

Hanna is most passionate about art and animal protection, since she thinks that nature and animals are the purest form of freedom. Hanna thus loves to spend plenty of time with beautiful creatures such as parrots, riding her horse or playing with her little pup Sofia.

„I’m an earthling like every other human or animal is… of course I don’t eat or torture other earthlings, I’m vegan.“ – Hanna 

There are many amazing artists out there, but Hanna truly loves Dali, since she first saw his paintings and since she first read about his view of ordinary things.